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Why Hilltop Counseling

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

A sense of "awe and wonder". It's something I've searched for and appreciated all my life. For me, it's that moment when you look around and realize that there is more to life than just you. In fact so much more that when you look far into the horizon in awe at how amazing everything is you can feel small and large at the same time. Small because you realize that you are nothing compared to what is out there; large because you feel part of it all and somehow it becomes you. That feeling, that sense of awe and wonder, is what I'm talking about. It allows me to see the bigger picture. I've always loved hiking to the top of the hill. It's where I go to think and connect. What I hope to do at Hilltop Counseling is provide an opportunity for you to gain that sense of awe and wonder in your life. Whether it's actually climbing the top of a mountain or talking on the couch in my office what I hope to do is help you make it to the top so you can see the awe that is made just for you.

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