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Smoothing Down my Heart

When Phil and I were first married we moved to AZ where Phil went to grad school and I worked as a school psychologist. Through the years we brought on 2 adorable children into our family and went from 2 full time jobs to two part time jobs working opposite times, grad school, diapers, formula, and...well, just life. We loved each other, we loved our children, we knew we had good things in our life, but it was hard to feel it. The time we had to connect drifted away, we were constantly exhausted, and trying hard to manage our money while in grad school. It was a lot!

During this time, on our anniversary, my mom watched the little kids while Phil and I went on a long day hike through Zion National Park. We weren’t talking to each other very well and were about to embark on a journey that included some rappelling and slot canyons. I remember this next moment perfectly. We were walking next to each other down the trail and I looked around and noticed the grandeur of the large ponderosa pine trees surrounding us. Their stillness and presence seemed to hold a sense of quiet peace and wisdom that radiated from the base of their trunks, to the tip of the needles standing tall at the very top. The further I hiked into the terrain, the more the stillness of the trees started coming over me. I remember allowing the stillness to enter into my heart and I began to engage in a relaxed and joyful conversation with my husband. I felt gratitude and love, like how we used to be around each other. Later on we had to rely on each other as we ascended down obstacles through the slot canyon. As we made our way down the canyon we turned a corner and, all of a sudden, saw breathtaking views of steep canyon walls that the river had carved through the layers of sandstone. It was a moment that is hard to describe to others and one that we were able to share with just the two of us. We were reminded of what it meant to rely on each other, trust each other, see one another the way we truly felt about one another, and reconnect in a way that lasted much longer than a night out for dinner.

Phil and I feel passionately about families and taking the time to build strong relationships that will allow for the space for building strong family units. We have put together an amazing 4 day, 3 night river trip that makes it easy for you to do that with your partner because everything is taken care of for you. From the transportation, to the food, to the comfortable starry nights. The best part is, most of the therapy involved will just be being on the river and feeling like you are part of something that is bigger than yourself. Something that has the ability to ground and heal your heart. Phil has been working with families for the past 7 years to help them gain the best strategies in communication, understanding emotional regulation, and conflict resolution and will be on the trip teaching these strategies to supplement the already inspiring environment.

When is the last time you took the time to rekindle the fire in your relationship? When is the last time you took the time for you and your spouse to do something together just for you?

Making the decision to take the time for yourself, your relationship, and your family will be one of the best investments you can make.

Watch this video for more testimonials on what other people are saying about being on the river.

Hope to see you out there!!!


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