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Relationship Resources...Some of Our Current Favorites

With so many resources out there on relationships, sometimes it is hard to know where to start. We have gathered just a few of our favorites here for you to start with. This is definitely not an extensive or all inclusive list of everything that is out there. We try our best to find resources that get to the heart of human emotion and how they play a part in our every day lives, and that is what we have gathered for you today. We hope you enjoy them and please give us a shout out of any that you have come across that have inspired you lately.

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Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife's Podcast Archives

Why you Should Listen: Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife is a relationship and sexuality educator who works frequently with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. She is a frequent contributor on the subjects of sexuality, relationships, and spirituality. Whether you are a member of her faith or not, Dr. Finlayson-Fife has great podcasts on relationships and sexuality that will be beneficial for many people.

Anatomy of Marriage

Why you Should Listen: Melanie and Seth Studley tell the story of their almost failed marriage through a series of podcast stories where they hope to use their story to help couples better understand themselves and their relationships. Their story takes you through a journey of pain, grief, self-discovery and hope. Melanie and Seth are a relatable couple and are passionate about helping others. You can also check out their website here for more events, app materials, and tools to help you with counseling that's fast and fun!

Sexy Marriage Radio

Why you Should Listen: Dr. Corey Allen's podcast is advertised as "straight forward, honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors in your marriage." And that is exactly what it is. Dr. Corey Allen believes that by discovering the natural processes of relationships, you can begin to harness the energy already there in order to have the marriage you may not have thought possible. You can also find his podcasts and free resources on his website here.


7 Principles for Making a Marriage Work, by Dr. John Gottman

Why you Should Read: Dr. Gottman is widely considered a leading expert on marriage and relationships. His extensive research brings a tremendous credibility to the principles that he recommends for making marriages work. The straightforward, effective approach that he takes on marriage provides a solid foundation that enables marriages to grow and weather life's most difficult storms. If you are looking for dependable, evidence-based, guidance on how to live in a long and happy relationship this is the book for you.

Leadership and Self-Deception, by Arbinger Institute

Why you Should Read: This book is one of our relationship classics in helping us to see how our own self-serving motivations can cause us to be "in the box" towards others and sabotage relationships at home and in the workplace. The book uses an engaging story to illustrate how self-deception can infect our lives and what to do about it. It is such an easy read and easy concept to understand. Putting the tools in this book to practice can help you to see others as people rather than merely objects getting in your way of accomplishing your personal goals.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey

Why you Should Read: Another classic that we go back to time and time again. What we love about this book is it talks about changing ourselves on the inside and using that to be able to be effective in our relationships and life pursuits. With habits like finding a win-win solution to problems and seeking first to understand you will also find excellent communication tools that will help in any relationship. The last habit, sharpen the saw, reminds us to never stop our pursuit of continuing to learn and grow!


Every one of the books and podcasts we have mentioned above have websites that you can look into for more information. There are many more, but here are some that you could start with and ones that we have been interested in lately, along with the websites mentioned above. Hopefully, THIS website will continue to be a useful resource in providing excellent and helpful information on relationships and personal growth. This list of resources will continue to grow and expand so keep in touch!

Thank you for being here. We value and honor your time and feel blessed to have you visit us today.

Hendricks Institute-

Gay Hendricks works on helping clients to live and love consciously through living in your real self and honoring your emotional existence. His website provides coaches, testimonials, free resources, and products from he and his wife.

The Gottman Institute-

Dr. Gottman is a relationship therapist that his undergone years of extensive research into what makes a marriage work. His site offers tons of information on various topics, free resources, email subscriptions, and events.

Let's put it this way - I wish Dan Siegel was a rock star so I could go to his show and throw my underwear on stage. Can you say HUGE FAN! Only one problem, he's about as far from a rock star as you can get - humble, modest, empathetic, soft-spoken - well, I guess you might find such a rock star. Hopefully, you find it in Dan Siegel. He's an expert on mindfulness, parenting, and connection. He is the founder of the Mindsight Institute in California. Check him out!

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